What are the best stories about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs?

Answer by Matt McCoy:

Back in 2008, my MacBook Pro hard drive stopped working. I was in the middle of my final senior project at the University of Cincinnati (Electronic Media) and needed to turn it in a week later. I went to the Apple store in hopes that they could recover the data on my hard drive. Instead, they put a brand new hard drive in it. When I came to pick it up, they wouldn't give me back my old hard drive (with the data on it). They said they already shipped it back to the manufacturer and don't let customers keep old parts.

But I didn't care about a new hard drive, I only cared about the old hard drive because I wanted to try to recover the data from it. They said sorry.

I went home and emailed Steve Jobs … just guessing his email address: steve(at)apple, jobs(at)apple, jobs.steve(at)apple,tc. etc.
Basically begging for his help and sharing my story.

The next day I got a call from Palo Alto.

Me: "Hello?"
Caller: "Hey Matt. This is Steve Jobs. I just wanted to let you know that I got your email and we are going to do everything we can to recover your missing hard drive.
Me: "Whoa… thank you!"
Caller: "I'm going to pass you on to my assistant, and he's going to take care of you from here. We'll get you taken care of. Hold."

Then the call was transferred to a guy named "Tim". I'm still not sure what Tim's last name was… is it even possible that it was Tim Cook? I don't know what Tim's history is at Apple.

Anyways, within about 4 days my original hard-drive showed up on my doorstep, along with the data recovered on a new hard drive and a brand new iPod.

What are the best stories about people randomly meeting Steve Jobs?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What is a story you often read to stay motivated?

Answer by Benedict Raymond Gershom:

This is the best analogy to prove that we make our own destiny!

Long ago (around 600-500 BC), there lived a great scholar and astrologer on the banks of the river Indus. His wife delivered a healthy son. The little boy was very active and was the apple of his parents' eyes. He grew up to be a sweet child whose smile reminded one of the moon on a full moon night.

One day, a great scholar, astrologer and palmist the childs father. He was a great friend. He and his family treated the great man courteously. He was served the best food and was treated with the best services. After lunch, the great man called the child and asked him to sit with him. He readily agreed and sat with the great man.

The great man looked at the right palm of the child. He sat there gazing at the palm for several minutes. The expression on his face changed from that of cheerfulness to that of concern. Looking at this change, his father inquired the great man about what was bothering him.

The great man looked at him with pitiful eyes and said "Oh No! My friend! You are such a renowned scholar and people around the world come to you for advice. Alas! Fate has it that this child of yours will remain illiterate. He has no Education Line on his palm."

He asked his friend- "Please forgive me. I am not saying this because I doubt your expertise, but would it be possible that you haven't checked my son's palm correctly?"

The great man looked at him, whose eyes tried to hold their grief back, and said "My friend! I have checked the boy's palm thoroughly, not once but twice and there is no Education Line here. He is bound to remain illiterate."
He could no longer hold his grief. He closed his eyes and muttered under his breath "If the lord wishes it to be so, so be it!"

The small child, who was listening to the conversation, gently asked the great man "Sir, could you please tell me where on my palm would the education line be, if it had been?"The great man showed the child the location of the education line on his own palm. He felt sympathetic towards the child, who was so well mannered and soft spoken.

The child ran out of the house dismayed. As he was wandering in the woods, he happened to see a women draw water from the well. What he observed was really inspiring. The rope which the women used to draw was taking support of wodden log (in vague terms it served as a pulley). He concluded that the rope was aligned correctly in the ridge formed in the log due to the repeated motion perfomed by the women

He returned back in a few minutes. He held out his right palm and asked the great man "Will I be a scholar now? Will I be able to uphold my father's name?"

The great man and his father looked at the child's hand and were shocked. Blood was oozing out of the palm and where there had to be the education line, there was a deep line which was etched with a sharp stone

This story is an epitome of making your destiny!

By the way the childs name is Panini, the father of Sanskrit Grammar

What is a story you often read to stay motivated?

By Mohammed Hakkim

Which Indian startups have the best inspiring stories?

Answer by Khushal Jaiswal:

There are several start-ups and mentioning each one of them is not possible,But i will mention few truly inspirational startups ,so grab a cup of coffee(if you need) and  stay seated patiently because its gonna be a long answer.
The Billion Dollar Mu Sigma Story – with Founder Dhiraj C. Rajaram
It is befitting of a billion dollar company in the business analytics space to be named after the symbols of mean (Mu) and standard deviation (Sigma). Mu Sigma is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and has raised a gargantuan grand total of 163 million dollars in funding over its 9 years of existence. Mu Sigma also holds the unique distinction of securing the largest funding round ever by a business analytics company.
The accolades that Mu Sigma has accumulated over the years is a rapidly rising toll. But, like all great companies, the core of the company is built around the beliefs and ideas of an intrinsically curious person. Founder, Dhiraj C Rajaram, had a novel idea which bore no intentions towards entrepreneurship.

 For its founder, Dhiraj C Rajaram, it all started because of three reasons: one, his unending urge to learn; two, to separate noise from signals – in terms of information that comes to businesses in their day-to-day life. And three, his belief that innovation in businesses is nothing but chance.
With these reasons and a dream in his heart Dhiraj started MuSigma in 2004. The beginning of the company was humble, but today it is a multi-million dollar company. There were others in that space when Dhiraj entered the fray, like IBM, Accenture etc but that did not deter him.
Dhiraj ranks hiring people in the initial years as his biggest challenge. “I was constantly begging people to join my company!”, he jokes.
After surviving four years on his own, Mu Sigma raised its first round of investment worth $30 million from FTVentures (now FTV Capital) in 2008. Subsequently, in April 2011, the company raised an additional $25 million from Sequoia Capital, followed by the third round of $108 million again from Sequoia and a private equity investor General Atlantic, which is the highest investment ever made in an analytics company.
Dhiraj admits that he hasn’t seen many downs during his journey with Mu Sigma. His problems were slightly different. He says, “We have been quite successful from the beginning. Having said that we had different reasons to shut the shop. Some very big companies wanted to buy us out. That was quite enticing. But that’s actually when your belief gets tested. What I felt immediately after even thinking about those offers was some sadness because I thought if I sold out, the idea might die.”
How the Mumbai floods of 2005 made an entrepreneur of mettle: Shiladitya Mukhopadhayaya
The Fateful Night of the July 27, 2005
The 2005 Mumbai floods are remembered for the destruction it caused but also for the resilience of Mumbaikars. The city was caught in a shock by nature’s fury but the city as a whole got together and worked things back into place. And this resilient spirit is deep ingrained in Shiladitya as well. He was at a friend’s place when the incessant rains began. This friend happens to be Sahil Anand, Shiladitya’s batchmate and now co-founder of Rasilanttechnologies.

Shiladitya couldn’t go back home that night and the havoc that was being created outside, got the duo in an introspective mode. They conversed about the strong urge to not fall for the ‘corporate trap’. Everyone has these talks at one point in time but the duo acted upon it. Things were hazy till then but that night put things into perspective. A company took birth.
Sahil is a very resourceful guy and liked what Shiladitya had thought about RFID. Raising some money from their families, the duo started up Rasilant technologies- a Global Automation Solutions and System Integration Services company.
The Growth Story
Rasilant is a B2B company that has undertaken more than 35 major projects till date including Bajaj Auto, Reliance (multiple companies) and IL&FS. “We basically help companies automate their internal processes,” says Shiladitya. The market was almost non-existent when they started up in 2005 but has picked up since then and now Rasilant is a formidable name in the industry. A 36 member team, Rasilant clocked INR 24 crores in revenues last year with profit margins of around 10% most of which again goes into the business.
The online shopping giant Flipkart:The journey of Sachin and Binny Bansal
Alexa rank 7, fresh capital of $1 billion, 14000 employees and day by day inching towards becoming India’s first $100 billion internet company.Sachin Bansal , 33, he surely does have multiple reasons to celebrate his success but there’s much more to the story beyond these numbers.
Sachin admitted in an interview that starting Flipkart is the most ridiculous thing he has ever done and everyone around him thought that he was out of his mind.

Initially flipkart started selling online books only.They used to stand outside a famous book store and distribute flipkart bookmarks to the customers coming outside of the book store with books in their hand.
And now ,from handling bookmarks to handling a multi billion dollar company,surely make its founder proud of their company and their decision.
I will stop with these three recent startup examples which instantly struck my mind after reading this question.
P.S.:They might Not be the biggest startups but they are surely inspiring.For more stories you can click at sources.
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Which Indian startups have the best inspiring stories?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are some characteristics of successful people?

Answer by Karan Bansal:

Mr. Smith, when asked once about the secret to his success, vehemently stated that it had very little to do with talent.

"You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there’s two things: You’re getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple, right?”

"The moment you realize that everything in the world around you was built by people who were no smarter than you, you become an element of change yourself…you can change anything"

—Steve Jobs.

"Some people think that if their opponent plays a beautiful game, it’s OK to lose. I don’t. You have to be merciless."

—Magnus Carlsen.

"I start early, and I stay late, day after day, year after year, it took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success."


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By Mohammed Hakkim

Why should I learn Python if I already know Java?

Answer by Manan Dhawan:

  • Beautiful and elegant.
  • Easier to learn.
  • No fuss of the curly braces {}.
  • You don't have to define the variable type [Python is smart enough].
  • Nice support community.
  • Many companies use it.
    (Dropbox, Quora, Google, Yahoo Maps, Reddit, Youtube, DuoLingo and many more
    Games: Battlefield 2, Civilization 4 and many more)
  • Many libraries available.
  • We dont have to define the datatype of the variables, hence less confusion.
  • A short Example: Comparison: Swap two numbers in python and java
  • Some screenshots from the internet related to the difficulty level.

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By Mohammed Hakkim

Code to Decode

What exactly is computational thinking?

 “computational thinking represents a universally applicable attitude and skill set everyone, not just computer scientists, would be eager to learn and use.”

“Computational thinking builds on the power and limits of computing processes, whether they are executed by a human or by a machine. Computational methods and models give us the courage to solve problems and design systems that no one of us would be capable of tackling alone. Computational thinking confronts the riddle of machine intelligence:

  • What can humans do better than computers?
  • What can computers do better than humans?

Most fundamentally, it addresses the question: What is computable? Today, we know only parts of the answers to such questions.” 

Computational thinking leads to solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior, based on the fundamental concepts of the discipline and including a large collection of intellectual tools that reflect the breadth of computer science.

Computational thinking makes it possible to understand how to solve problems and how to design something (in a modular, iterative, recursive,… way). However, programming involves the creation of external representations of everyone’s own problem solving processes.

At the end of the day, computation thinking offers us the opportunity to reflect onour own thinking and even to think about thinking…


By Mohammed Hakkim

Icon Change

Change the icon of USB drives and hard drives 

Here is a simple and easy trick to change the icon of your removable and fixed hard drives on windows.

You will need only notepad and an icon file. You can download an icon from Internet or create your own icons using icon creator softwares.

Step 1: Open notepad and type in the following code.

[autorun] icon=icon.ico

Step 2: Replace the icon.ico in the code with the name of your icon. I will recommend not to include spaces in the icon name.

Step 3: Save it as autorun.inf exactly. Do not rename it anything else.

Step 4: Copy the icon and autorun file into the root of your USB drive or hard drive.

Step 5: Unplug and plug in your USB drive to see the change. You will have to restart the computer to see the change on hard drives.

By Mohammed Hakkim