What are the best airport hacks for India?

What are the best airport hacks for India? by @bhute_sh

Answer by Shubham Bhute:

  • Carry a water bottle with you because,
    • Packaged water is costly at the airport.
    • If you have a connecting flight then you have to walk for a kilometre or so to change terminals (if applicable).
  • Your boarding pass and ID is asked several times at different checkpoints and it is possible that you have a handful of baggage. So wear a shirt or t-shirt with a pocket so as to get easy access to your pass and ID.
  • If you have a late night flight then sit just next to your boarding gate so that if you fell asleep the ground staff may find you at the earnest.
  • In monsoon carry an inflatable pillow while travelling because
    • There are chances of delayed flights and the waiting area chairs are uncomfortable to sit for long hours.
    • There are chances that the plane may have to fly at a higher altitude due to bad weather conditions at destination and the in flight seats are uncomfortable.
  • Keep checking for the gate numbers because a lot of times they change just before the boarding time.
  • In a connecting flight of same brand of airline, if your 1st flight is late and second flight is waiting for you then the ground staff humiliates and forces you to walk faster or run maybe. You may deny to walk faster if you have health problems or if you're old because it is their responsibility to get you a flight to your destination, may it be the scheduled flight or the one after it.
  • If you have two or more bags that are small enough to fit in the over head storage facility in the cabin, still carry only one bag and put the other one(s) in luggage because it is possible that you may not get space to fit all of them in the cabin.
  • If you're too early at the airport say 6 hours before the schedule (it happens if you have a lot of hours to kill before the flight and nobody to share company) then the ground staff deny you the boarding pass at this time and asks you to come 60 mins prior to the schedule. But all the restaurants are inside the airport post the security check. So, just check for a self check-in booth, enter your ticket details, get the boarding pass yourself and chill at the restaurants at the airport. (Only if you don't have any check-in luggage)
  • At international airports cigarettes and alcohol are sold duty free to the passengers having international flight boarding pass. If you see someone who has the kind of pass buying those then you may politely ask them to buy two and pay them your share post the bill. (If denied don't insist and also make sure that you're not flying to a state where alcohol is banned, if you are buying alcohol.)

Pictures source: Google Images

The last one is truely hypothetical and circumstantial, haven't tried that, so views, opinions and experiences are requested to share in comments.

Thank you.

Edit 1:

A lot of airlines charge extra for aisle and window seats. So here's the hack.

Don't check-in to the counter, rather get a boarding pass from a self check-in booth, there you get a seat of your choice. But there's a catch here, when you reach the boarding gate you are asked whether you are ready to pay extra for the aisle or window seats, if not then the attendant changes your choice of seat to middle seat.

So the catch here is,

Assume the flight is Airbus A320 which has a seating capacity of 150 passengers out of which 50 are middle seats and remaining 100 are aisle and window. So let 50–80 people get boarded before you, to ensure that all middle seats are occupied. So eventfully all you're left with aisle and window seats which they can't charge you for because they don't have any option.

Clever, isn't it? <wink>

What are the best airport hacks for India?

By Mohammed Hakkim

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