What are the 10 things that every Indian should know?

What are the 10 things that every Indian should know? by Maha Rajan

Answer by Maha Rajan:

  1. Tamil Nadu is the southern most state of India.
  2. It is still a part of India
  3. Jallikattu issue is becoming a major student protests and they are creating/re-writing history
  4. Jallikattu DOES NOT KILL/INJURE/AFFECT the bulls
  5. Jallikattu is a culture of not only TAMILS, but also a pride of India, just like any other rooster fight, camel race etc.,
  6. No NATIONAL MEDIA is interested in covering these crowd and take the protests reach North India and the central government
  7. Last three days the protest is getting more severe. Let the whole India know, how much the people of TN are united for saving a culture of theirs.
  8. Police charge, power cuts, data block and other cheap tactics are not controlling the protests
  9. Jallikattu is a cultural oriented sport that respects the Indian bulls. Festivals like this encourage to maintain the dying species of India
  10. TN’s cities like Coimbatore, Chennai and Trichy are in the first 5 cities of India for women safety according to the latest survey. Pls google it.

These 10 things are to be well known by rest of INDIA, at this moment and from this moment.

Note: Guys your single upvote might get big to save a cultural event of India. Request your upvotes.

What are the 10 things that every Indian should know?

By Mohammed Hakkim

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