What are some unknown facts about Pentagon?

What are some unknown facts about Pentagon? by Chandan Bhat

Answer by Chandan Bhat:

Not sure about being unknown but here are some facts that are sure to take you by surprise:

  • It was designed to be easy to walk from and to any part of the Pentagon.
    The pentagon was designed in such a way that no part of the building is more than a 10 minute walk from any other point in the building.
  • It was purposely built short.
    The Pentagon was built short due to two reasons:
    • Steel was in short supply due to the Second World War, and the wanted to conserve steel.
    • The designers apparently wanted to conserve the “view” of The Capitol across the Potomac and building it higher would ruin the view.
  • The Pentagon is bigger than the Empire State Building in terms of floor space.
    The Pentagon has a floor space of 6.5M square ft while Empire State Building has only 2.73M square feet, making the Pentagon twice as large as the Empire State Building.
  • It is the Biggest Office Building in the World.
    (Yes, it’s bigger than the Burj Khalifa.)
    Being occupied by 26,000 people, making it the biggest office building in the world.

Here’s an article I’d recommend reading:
Things You May Not Know About the Pentagon.

What are some unknown facts about Pentagon?

By Mohammed Hakkim

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