What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known?

What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

Well if you want good programs without spending any money or pirating them, I have a good list for you.

So instead of using many programs for each file format, for example Winzip for .zip and Winrar for .rar, install this amazing freeware tool. An open source software which supports all of the compressed file formats in a 1 MB package.

This software must be used if you want to keep your pc clean by just one click. Yes you don’t need to find in-built windows functions to clear bad registry entries, or to clean temporary files from your Windows drive. Free version will do both plus many more.

Now who needs to pay for Internet Download Manager if you get an excellent free alternative to it? Yes this software can do everything that IDM can do plus it got a better and customizable GUI than IDM.

Don’t you think if there would have a single file format conversion program for your videos, images, audio, CD/DVDs images, joiner, splitter and all then it would be great? Yes this is the one you need and its totally free! Must have tool!

Now forget using Microsoft Office as trial or by paying a huge amount for your office work. This a great free alternative you can use as it’s features work exact the same as the MS Office.

Amazing and simple tool to use as alternative to Adobe Photoshop or similar softwares, and free!

Browse anonymously and avoid any unwanted attention from your ISP or the government. A must have if you have strict rules against browsing Internet!

If you are a tech geek and like do much more things on your computer than just using those common programs, here’s more of them:

Simple and easy tool for Editing and Mixing of Audio at advanced level. Yes it’s got too many functions and yet it’s free!

Just if you want an emulator to run Android apps and games on your Windows PC.

This is a great little tool which displays all the detailed information of the Hardware of your PC.

An Antivirus Software is must have! I recommend this cheap, reliable and there are many more reasons when compared to other programs., such as negligible load, update size in bytes, superb background activities, Simple GUI, etc.

Yes this I think is much better than the free version of Adobe. It’s free too.

This little tool is for gamers. To monitor the frame rates of games or apps. Can be used to take screenshots and recordings of games.

I switched to this and now I know why this is really better!

A video encoding tool. Means you can convert your high quality high size videos to high quality low size ones. Just to save some space!

Great for all kinds of music lovers!

Awesome software to get lyrics the second you start playing a song! Yes this searches for the lyrics for song that you play and automatically downloads and displays scrolling lyrics synchronized with the song! Free and Works with iTunes, VLC Windows Media Player and many more.

These are tools to monitor the speed and data of your Internet. Free and easy to use.

Did you ever wanted to know what your PC ranks in performance with other similar PCs around the World? This tool will do that for you. This is a Benchmark tool which determines the speed of your PC’s Hardware and then gives a score!

This is an awesome tool to manage disk space by deleting unnecessary data. It shows a visual representation of the data present in a disk.

The most popular Game Client where you can get free as well as paid games which are played around the world!

Ever got irritated by not having subtitles in sync for your favourite movies and TV shows? Use this free tool to simply edit the delays and unsynced portions of the subtitles.

I don’t need to say anything about this. It’s one and only one must have video player!

  • Snipping Tool

Finally, the one software which took screenshots of the programs above! No need to download this, it’s already in your operating system. Superb tool!

I guess this is too much! Cheers!

Edit 1:

Some useful website to do some unusual stuff:

OCR means Optical Character Recognition. Suppose you have a book and you want to share some content on a computer, so you would have to type the content manually. It will consume time. So what you have to do is just click a photo of the text content, and upload it on this website, it will scan the image and give you documented text in MS Word or Notepad format. As simple as that! Isn't it awesome?

Tired of writing html tags while developing a website? You don't need a fancy software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and all to easily write html code. Just visit this site add and edit content like in MS Word and the tags will automatically follow through.

Will think of more. Later!

What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known?

By Mohammed Hakkim

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