What is a story you often read to stay motivated?

Answer by Benedict Raymond Gershom:

This is the best analogy to prove that we make our own destiny!

Long ago (around 600-500 BC), there lived a great scholar and astrologer on the banks of the river Indus. His wife delivered a healthy son. The little boy was very active and was the apple of his parents' eyes. He grew up to be a sweet child whose smile reminded one of the moon on a full moon night.

One day, a great scholar, astrologer and palmist the childs father. He was a great friend. He and his family treated the great man courteously. He was served the best food and was treated with the best services. After lunch, the great man called the child and asked him to sit with him. He readily agreed and sat with the great man.

The great man looked at the right palm of the child. He sat there gazing at the palm for several minutes. The expression on his face changed from that of cheerfulness to that of concern. Looking at this change, his father inquired the great man about what was bothering him.

The great man looked at him with pitiful eyes and said "Oh No! My friend! You are such a renowned scholar and people around the world come to you for advice. Alas! Fate has it that this child of yours will remain illiterate. He has no Education Line on his palm."

He asked his friend- "Please forgive me. I am not saying this because I doubt your expertise, but would it be possible that you haven't checked my son's palm correctly?"

The great man looked at him, whose eyes tried to hold their grief back, and said "My friend! I have checked the boy's palm thoroughly, not once but twice and there is no Education Line here. He is bound to remain illiterate."
He could no longer hold his grief. He closed his eyes and muttered under his breath "If the lord wishes it to be so, so be it!"

The small child, who was listening to the conversation, gently asked the great man "Sir, could you please tell me where on my palm would the education line be, if it had been?"The great man showed the child the location of the education line on his own palm. He felt sympathetic towards the child, who was so well mannered and soft spoken.

The child ran out of the house dismayed. As he was wandering in the woods, he happened to see a women draw water from the well. What he observed was really inspiring. The rope which the women used to draw was taking support of wodden log (in vague terms it served as a pulley). He concluded that the rope was aligned correctly in the ridge formed in the log due to the repeated motion perfomed by the women

He returned back in a few minutes. He held out his right palm and asked the great man "Will I be a scholar now? Will I be able to uphold my father's name?"

The great man and his father looked at the child's hand and were shocked. Blood was oozing out of the palm and where there had to be the education line, there was a deep line which was etched with a sharp stone

This story is an epitome of making your destiny!

By the way the childs name is Panini, the father of Sanskrit Grammar

What is a story you often read to stay motivated?

By Mohammed Hakkim

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