What are some of the words which Indians pronounce in a unique way?

What are some of the words which Indians pronounce in a unique way? by Madhu Bhargava

Answer by Madhu Bhargava:

Here are some series of pictures created by ScoopWhoop depicting the correct way of pronouncing words which are usually pronounce incorrectly due to our mother tongue influence.

And last but not the least:

Source : ScoopWhoop

What are some of the words which Indians pronounce in a unique way?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What was it like to grow up in India in the 1990s?

What was it like to grow up in India in the 1990s? by Kannan Kalidas

Answer by Kannan Kalidas:

1. You secretly hated this guy.

2. You trade these.

3. Water bottle.

4. The method to find who someone is to us.

5. Favourite characters.

6. Notebook labels.

7. Our first cricket bat.

8. No comments.

9. Nataraj – Our best companion.

10. The coolest racquet.

11. And these >M&M’s

12. Paper boats.

13. Laser lights.

14. “Washing powder Nirma” That song!!

15. You felt like a professional acrobat every time you climbed into these top berths.

16. Our prized possessions (Cheetos)

17. Four cups.

18. Building blocks.

19. Super Mario.

20. “Ma! I want Shakalaka Boom Boom pencil.”

21. Pokemon at 5 o’clock and Beyblade at 5.30

22. Power Rangers.

23. Shaktimaan.

24. Hand video game.

25. Microtip pencil.

26. Crazy balls.

27. Trading cards.

28. Snake.

29. Name Place Animal Thing.

30. Jigsaw puzzles.

31. This game. (We call it 7 stones)

32. Bubble gum tattoos. (Especially Boomer)

33. Toffees.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

Image source : Google

Kannan Kalidas

What was it like to grow up in India in the 1990s?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are some lesser known Google Chrome tips and hacks?

What are some lesser known Google Chrome tips and hacks? by Shri Ram

Answer by Shri Ram:

1) Interesting & Useful New Tabs.

Upon opening a new tab, instead of the boring, regular new tab, how about getting a tab with to do list, quote of the day, favorite links and beautiful background image?

Try Momentum theme for your Chrome. If you spend much of your day with your nose in a browser, Momentum might just be the launch-pad you need.

2) Not satisfied? Need different beautiful landscape images every time you open a new tab? Try ixigo inspire

Personal recommendation: Must try

3) Use Chrome as an Alarm

First, download the Omnibox Timer extension. Omnibox Timer

Once you've got it installed, all you need to do is type ‘tm’ in the omnibox to activate it, followed by your alarm message – “20m Time for Meeting,” “10m Call Her”, etc..

4) Open one (or many) mistakenly closed tabs

Have you ever mistakenly closed a tab? We all have.

But chrome is a forgiving browser and its possible to get everything back. Press Control-Shift-T and chrome will reopen recently closed tab. Keep hitting it and get previously closed pages as well.

5) Browse Through Tabs Using Key Commands

How to browse through multiple tabs easily?

Hold down the Control key and a number 1 through 9. Each number associated with a different tab starting with 1 and incrementally through 9 tabs as you move to the right. ie., Ctrl + 1 for opening first tab, Ctrl + 3 for opening third tab, etc.

6) Chrome Is a Simple Multimedia Browser

Have you ever been organizing your computer and come across some multimedia file and you have no idea what file it is ? Drag it directly into your chrome window and open it. (Complete off-topic: How many of you like DC?)

7) Drag Multiple Tabs at Once

You may be aware with the single tab drag and drop option. But you may not know it can be done with more than one tab at a time. Hold down the Ctrl button and click on all the tabs you wish to move and you can move them as one.

8) Make favicons your bookmarks

Create Favicon of the website instead of whole URL text.

Click the wrench icon => Bookmarks => Show bookmarks Bar

Whenever you add new sites to your bookmarks, make sure to delete the text in the name box.

9) Drag Links Directly to Your Desktop

There are numerous ways to store and organize links you want to click on later.

But this one is cool. Create a link icon directly on your desktop- Make it look like a software or a file and click it to open the website.

Highlight the URL from the omnibox and drag and drop it on the desktop.

10) Task Manager

Just like your PC, chrome has its own task manager. So you can monitor various processes and check how much resources it is diverting to each.

To access the manager in Windows, click the wrench icon in the top-right corner > More tools > Task manager.

Once you open the task manger, you will see all the plugins, extensions, and tabs that are currently in progress. But you'll also see how much of your browser's resources each process is using. If one of those processes seems like it's causing a problem (like slowing down or stalling your browser), you can highlight it with a click of the "End process" button at the bottom of the window. Dishkiyaoon

11) Translate Anything

Chrome already has built-in Google Translate for entire webpages.

But if you just want information on a select phrase or passage, you can get it with just two clicks.

Install Google Translate extension. Highlight the text you want to translate into, click the little Google translate icon in the top right side of chrome. Done.

Chrome is Mr. Cheapest-Translator-Ever.

12) Easy Key Command to Delete Browsing History

Got into a ‘Situation’? Need to delete your entire browsing history real fast? I know that feel. Chrome got you covered.

Ctrl + Shift+ Delete = Clear browsing history window will open in a second. You’re welcome.

13) Use Chrome as a Calculator

Need to use calculator multiple times a day? Well, don’t need to. You can use Chrome as a calculator.

Not only this…… Want to know how many hours 203 minutes add up to? Type “203 minutes =” into the omnibox, and again, don't press enter. The answer (3.38333 hours) will show up in the drop-down.

14) Need to share your device with siblings?

Don’t worry if he/she can see your browsing info.

Create ‘guest browser’ account so your sibling can’t see your browsing data. You’re saved.

15) Secret Pages in Chrome (Strictly for Geeks)

If you get bored of surfing the traditional Web , there are a few dozen hidden Chrome pages that you can check out on your browser.

Type the chrome URL (usually begins with http://chrome://)

Most of these pages are hidden for a reason. You don’t need to use if you are not a nerd. You can find an official clickable list by typing http://chrome://chrome-urls into the omnibox. If you want to know their purpose, check the below page.

List of Chrome URLs and their purpose – gHacks Tech News

16) List of last used pages

Hold down the back button to see and revisit pages beyond the one you last used.

17) To Get the TL;DR Version of Long Pages

There's an extension for that. It distill lengthy articles down to their main points. Talk about a time saver.


18) Record everything you do on Chrome

With the Screencastify extension, you can record all the screen activity—including audio—that occurs inside a tab.

This is great for situations where you need to teach others a task at work. You can easily narrate presentations.

Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder)

19) Reduce data usage per Web page

Wi-Fi Connection is slow while travelling? Data saver extension automatically compresses each page you visit before downloading them.

Data Saver

20) Pressing space bar will scroll down one page. Pressing Shift + Space bar will scroll up in the same manner.

21) Middle – Clicking

Middle-Click a tab’s title box to close it.

It will cause a link to open in a new tab in the background, so you can continue working in your current tab without interruption.

22) For all writers out there (especially Sujona Chatterjee )

For a distraction-free browsing experience (especially, when you write something), click F11. It'll shift Chrome into full-screen mode, hiding all the regular browser elements and everything else on your screen.

23) Avoid writing www and .com

Type the main part of the site's name — quora, for instance — then hit Ctrl and Enter. Chrome will fill in the rest.

24) Get names and e-mail addresses of any company’s employees

Find employee email addresses for any company by using Clearbit Connect. Clearbit Connect – Supercharge Gmail™

Share your favorite tips and tricks

Image Source: Almighty Google Images

What are some lesser known Google Chrome tips and hacks?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are the 10 things that every Indian should know?

What are the 10 things that every Indian should know? by Maha Rajan

Answer by Maha Rajan:

  1. Tamil Nadu is the southern most state of India.
  2. It is still a part of India
  3. Jallikattu issue is becoming a major student protests and they are creating/re-writing history
  4. Jallikattu DOES NOT KILL/INJURE/AFFECT the bulls
  5. Jallikattu is a culture of not only TAMILS, but also a pride of India, just like any other rooster fight, camel race etc.,
  6. No NATIONAL MEDIA is interested in covering these crowd and take the protests reach North India and the central government
  7. Last three days the protest is getting more severe. Let the whole India know, how much the people of TN are united for saving a culture of theirs.
  8. Police charge, power cuts, data block and other cheap tactics are not controlling the protests
  9. Jallikattu is a cultural oriented sport that respects the Indian bulls. Festivals like this encourage to maintain the dying species of India
  10. TN’s cities like Coimbatore, Chennai and Trichy are in the first 5 cities of India for women safety according to the latest survey. Pls google it.

These 10 things are to be well known by rest of INDIA, at this moment and from this moment.

Note: Guys your single upvote might get big to save a cultural event of India. Request your upvotes.

What are the 10 things that every Indian should know?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are some computer tricks?

What are some computer tricks? by Tobias Bod

Answer by Tobias Bod:

Here is how I use Sticky Notes on windows.

Attach Sticky Notes to your task bar on the very left side.

Every time you want to take notes now, just hit Windows + 1* to access Sticky Notes immediately. Press Ctrl + N for a new note.

This hack seems so obvious but saves me tons of time in 1) taking digital notes, rather than using pencil and paper, and 2) not having to look for my (lost) paper notes all the time.

*(Windows + Number opens any program attached to the task bar in respect to its attached place)

What are some computer tricks?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are some unknown facts about Pentagon?

What are some unknown facts about Pentagon? by Chandan Bhat

Answer by Chandan Bhat:

Not sure about being unknown but here are some facts that are sure to take you by surprise:

  • It was designed to be easy to walk from and to any part of the Pentagon.
    The pentagon was designed in such a way that no part of the building is more than a 10 minute walk from any other point in the building.
  • It was purposely built short.
    The Pentagon was built short due to two reasons:
    • Steel was in short supply due to the Second World War, and the wanted to conserve steel.
    • The designers apparently wanted to conserve the “view” of The Capitol across the Potomac and building it higher would ruin the view.
  • The Pentagon is bigger than the Empire State Building in terms of floor space.
    The Pentagon has a floor space of 6.5M square ft while Empire State Building has only 2.73M square feet, making the Pentagon twice as large as the Empire State Building.
  • It is the Biggest Office Building in the World.
    (Yes, it’s bigger than the Burj Khalifa.)
    Being occupied by 26,000 people, making it the biggest office building in the world.

Here’s an article I’d recommend reading:
Things You May Not Know About the Pentagon.

What are some unknown facts about Pentagon?

By Mohammed Hakkim

Which is the best antivirus software for Computer?

Which is the best antivirus software for Computer? by Dennis Zed

Answer by Dennis Zed:

You can choose from 2 antivirus programs:

  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky

They rule the top of protection score charts when tested by independent labs, both are accurate enough to only block actual threats and not legitimate programs, and both of them hardly impact your system resources and pc performance when compared to their competitors.

Example – Recent test results for Bitdefender:

Image Credit: Bitdefender Review

Check out how these two antivirus programs handle 1,000 different malware files when put to the test of scanning them.

Bitdefender malware detection test video


Kaspersky malware detection test video


You can enhance your system’s protection by adding two additional security layers:

  1. Anti-Malware software – MalwareBytes is the best one today IMO.
  2. Ad Blocker: uBlock Origin

Stay safe!

Which is the best antivirus software for Computer?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?

What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes? by Amritha Shyam

Answer by Amritha Shyam:

Keyboard as Mouse:
If your mouse doesn't work use your keyboard as Mouse.

To activate the MouseKeys – Press Alt,Left shift key and the Num Lock key.

Now, you can use your numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer.

  • Press  5 = for  left-click on your normal mouse
  • Press  0 and navigating the pointer = for selecting the text as in a normal keyboard
  • Press  * or and then pressing 5 = a right-click on your normal mouse
  • To use 5 to perform the left-click action, press the / key.
  • Press 5 twice in a row to make a double-click.
  • Use space button to go to the bottom of the page.

Read More –
Page on bbc.co.uk

What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known?

What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known? by Anonymous

Answer by Anonymous:

Well if you want good programs without spending any money or pirating them, I have a good list for you.

So instead of using many programs for each file format, for example Winzip for .zip and Winrar for .rar, install this amazing freeware tool. An open source software which supports all of the compressed file formats in a 1 MB package.

This software must be used if you want to keep your pc clean by just one click. Yes you don’t need to find in-built windows functions to clear bad registry entries, or to clean temporary files from your Windows drive. Free version will do both plus many more.

Now who needs to pay for Internet Download Manager if you get an excellent free alternative to it? Yes this software can do everything that IDM can do plus it got a better and customizable GUI than IDM.

Don’t you think if there would have a single file format conversion program for your videos, images, audio, CD/DVDs images, joiner, splitter and all then it would be great? Yes this is the one you need and its totally free! Must have tool!

Now forget using Microsoft Office as trial or by paying a huge amount for your office work. This a great free alternative you can use as it’s features work exact the same as the MS Office.

Amazing and simple tool to use as alternative to Adobe Photoshop or similar softwares, and free!

Browse anonymously and avoid any unwanted attention from your ISP or the government. A must have if you have strict rules against browsing Internet!

If you are a tech geek and like do much more things on your computer than just using those common programs, here’s more of them:

Simple and easy tool for Editing and Mixing of Audio at advanced level. Yes it’s got too many functions and yet it’s free!

Just if you want an emulator to run Android apps and games on your Windows PC.

This is a great little tool which displays all the detailed information of the Hardware of your PC.

An Antivirus Software is must have! I recommend this cheap, reliable and there are many more reasons when compared to other programs., such as negligible load, update size in bytes, superb background activities, Simple GUI, etc.

Yes this I think is much better than the free version of Adobe. It’s free too.

This little tool is for gamers. To monitor the frame rates of games or apps. Can be used to take screenshots and recordings of games.

I switched to this and now I know why this is really better!

A video encoding tool. Means you can convert your high quality high size videos to high quality low size ones. Just to save some space!

Great for all kinds of music lovers!

Awesome software to get lyrics the second you start playing a song! Yes this searches for the lyrics for song that you play and automatically downloads and displays scrolling lyrics synchronized with the song! Free and Works with iTunes, VLC Windows Media Player and many more.

These are tools to monitor the speed and data of your Internet. Free and easy to use.

Did you ever wanted to know what your PC ranks in performance with other similar PCs around the World? This tool will do that for you. This is a Benchmark tool which determines the speed of your PC’s Hardware and then gives a score!

This is an awesome tool to manage disk space by deleting unnecessary data. It shows a visual representation of the data present in a disk.

The most popular Game Client where you can get free as well as paid games which are played around the world!

Ever got irritated by not having subtitles in sync for your favourite movies and TV shows? Use this free tool to simply edit the delays and unsynced portions of the subtitles.

I don’t need to say anything about this. It’s one and only one must have video player!

  • Snipping Tool

Finally, the one software which took screenshots of the programs above! No need to download this, it’s already in your operating system. Superb tool!

I guess this is too much! Cheers!

Edit 1:

Some useful website to do some unusual stuff:

OCR means Optical Character Recognition. Suppose you have a book and you want to share some content on a computer, so you would have to type the content manually. It will consume time. So what you have to do is just click a photo of the text content, and upload it on this website, it will scan the image and give you documented text in MS Word or Notepad format. As simple as that! Isn't it awesome?

Tired of writing html tags while developing a website? You don't need a fancy software such as Adobe Dreamweaver and all to easily write html code. Just visit this site add and edit content like in MS Word and the tags will automatically follow through.

Will think of more. Later!

What are some good computer tricks that are not commonly known?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are some of the facts that you were completely unaware of?

What are some of the facts that you were completely unaware of? by Arjhun Srinivasan

Answer by Arjhun Srinivasan:

Know how your PAN card number is designed

Most of the people by now will be aware of this. If not you can find this information useful.

Your permanent account number (PAN) is a 10-digit alphanumeric number, which is used as your identity proof. It is used mainly for tax related purposes. The first five characters are letters from the English alphabet, the next four characters are numbers and the last character is also a letter.

First three characters: The first three characters are alphabetic series between AAA to ZZZ. For instance, the beginning of your PAN could be BEP or APZ; the selection is random.

Fourth character: The fourth character of your PAN always represents your status. The fourth character for a majority of PAN holders is the letter “P”, which stands for “person”. The other nine letters that can represent the fourth character are C, H, F, A, T, B, L, J, and G.

C stands for company. So if the PAN is in the name of your company, its fourth character would be C. H represents Hindu Undivided Family, F stands for partnership firm, A is for association of persons, T stands for trust, B for body of individuals, L represents local authority, J means artificial juridical person and G stands for government.

Fifth character: The fifth character represents the first alphabet of your last name or surname. For instance, somebody with the name Anil Kishore Gupta will have G as the fifth character on his PAN as his last name’s first alphabet is G. However, if you happen to change your surname after marriage or due to any other reason, your PAN card number will remain unchanged.

Sixth to ninth characters: The next four characters are sequential numbers between 0001 to 9999. Like the first three characters, here too the selection is random.

Tenth character: The last and tenth character in the PAN is an alphabetic check digit. Alphabetic check digit is generated by applying a formula to the preceding nine letters and numbers.

Why is the classification important?

A unique number enables the income-tax department to link all transactions of the person with the department. These transactions include tax payments, tax deducted at source/tax collected at source credits, returns of income/wealth/gift, specified transactions, correspondence and so on. PAN, thus, acts as a unique identifier of persons for the tax department.


One-minute Guide | Your PAN discloses your details

What are some of the facts that you were completely unaware of?

By Mohammed Hakkim

Who are the smartest and the most intelligent IITians you know?

Who are the smartest and the most intelligent IITians you know? by Nisarg Leuva

Answer by Nisarg Leuva:

Dr. Raghuram G. Rajan – The Legend Economist.

  • B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. (Gold Medalist)
  • MBA from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (Gold Medalist)
  • PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Economic Counselor and Director of Research at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from September 2003 till January 2007.
  • International Reputation for predicting the 2008 global financial Crisis.
  • Author of a popular book Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy
  • Former Chief Economic Adviser to the Finance Ministry.
  • Former RBI Governor. (4th September, 2013 to 4th September, 2016)


  1. Center for Financial Studies Deutsche Bank Prize for Financial Economics, 2013
  2. Infosys Prize for the Economic Sciences, 2012
  3. Global Indian of the Year Award, NASSCOM, 2011
  4. Bernhard Harms Prize awarded by the Kiel Institute for International Economics 2010
  5. Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Best Business Book of the Year Award, 2010
  6. Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2009.
  7. Jensen prize (runner-up) for paper in Journal of Financial Economics, 2006
  8. Fama/DFA prize for best paper in the Journal of Financial Economics, 2003
  9. Inaugural Fisher Black Prize awarded by the American Finance Association in January 2003
  10. Brattle Prize for distinguished paper in the Journal of Finance, 2002
  11. Brattle Prize for distinguished paper in the Journal of Finance, 2001
  12. Brattle Prize for distinguished paper in the Journal of Finance, 2000.
  13. Michael Brennan Award for the Best Paper published in the Review of Financial Studies, 1997.
  14. Smith Breeden Prize awarded for best paper published in the Journal of Finance, 1994.
  15. Best Paper Award, Fifth Annual Small Firm Research Symposium, 1993.
  16. Smith Breeden Prize awarded for distinguished paper published in the Journal of Finance, 1992.
  17. Treffstz Prize for outstanding academic achievement, Western Finance Association, 1991.
  18. Gold Medal for academic performance, I.I.M (Ahmedabad), India, 1987.
  19. Director's Gold Medal for all round performance in the class of 1985, I.I.T. (Delhi), 1985.


  1. President of the American Finance Association (2011)
  2. Director of the American Finance Association (2001-2004).
  3. Program Director (Corporate Finance) at the National Bureau of Economic Research 1998-2010
  4. Founding member of the Academic Council of the Indian School of Business
  5. Associate Editor of the American Economic Review, Annual Review of Finance, Journal of Finance, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Financial Intermediation, Review of Financial Studies, Financial Management (various times)

Remarkably Smartest and the Most Intelligent IITian I’ve ever seen.

Acknowledgement: To get the precise Information I used Sir’s CV and Picture has been taken from Google.

If you have a minute to spare, What did you learn today about life?

Who are the smartest and the most intelligent IITians you know?

By Mohammed Hakkim

Which are the best apps in android which we must install?

Which are the best apps in android which we must install? by Kunal Mannan

Answer by Kunal Mannan:

DigiLocker app By Govt. of India

It not only saves your vehicle documents (RC book, Insurance etc.) but also every document and Government issued Documents.

And the best thing is It's legal to show documents on DigiLocker.

So upload all your data on government cloud. And save offline on smartphone.

When any government authority or Traffic Police ask you to show your documents, show them from smartphone. So no risk to carry original Documents with you.

And One more thing. That data can be directly uploaded to any website.

So if any website ask you to upload your ID proof, upload that link or simply upload screenshot.

This app is just a part of Digital India program.

Hats off to Current Government.

Currently this application is only available for Android users.

Here is playstore link for download : https://play.google.com/store/ap…

Hope it helps…

Which are the best apps in android which we must install?

By Mohammed Hakkim

Is there a way to never lose at Tic-Tac-Toe?

Is there a way to never lose at Tic-Tac-Toe? by Arjun Subramaniam

Answer by Arjun Subramaniam:

Yes – There is.

The following techniques shown below are indicative of a way to "never lose", not necessarily to win. The worst scenario, however, would be to tie.

Remember that there are two basis starting points from which we can plot our strategy – You go first, or your opponent goes first.

But let's review some basic definitions here.


  • Counter-Attack – Making a move that blocks your opponent
  • Center – The square in the middle surrounded by all the other squares.
  • Edge – A piece bordering the center.
  • Corner – A piece bordered by two edge squares.

Ok – Good! We've got some basic vocabulary down. Now let's get going.


Avoid placing your first piece on an edge square, and keep it on the center or a corner square. Placing it on an edge square will leave you vulnerable and give your opponent the advantage.

1) Center

If you mark the center, your opponent will either place his/her first piece on an edge or corner piece.

  • If they mark an edge, it's incredibly easy to win – There's no chance of even tying. Simply place your next piece on one of the two corners furthest from the edge piece. They will most likely block that move, which in turn gives them an opportunity to win. Block their move, and suddenly, you have two ways to win, and your opponent is helpless.
  • If they mark a corner, as a smarter opponent would, it's a little bit more complicated. Place your next mark on the opposite corner, or the corner that would make a diagonal of two X's and one O. If they place their next piece on an edge, they've made a mistake, and you now have two ways of winning, depending on which edge they placed their O on. Otherwise, assuming you keep counter-attacking, the game will end in a tie.

2) Corner

If you play a corner piece first, there are only two significant response that your opponent can make: Center, or not center.

  • If their first move is away from the center, you should be able to win. Remember that your first piece is contained in both a vertical and horizontal row. Your next move should be in the other corner of the same row you placed your first piece. They'll likely counter-attack, leaving two options for you, and an easy path to victory. This will work whether they play a corner or an edge piece first up.

Here's another great way to trap your opponent:

  • If their first move is in the center, it's a little bit trickier. Again, form a diagonal. If their next move is in the corner, you can trap them by placing your next piece at the intersection of the row and column of the previous two X's. If their next move is at an edge, you'll be forced to settle for a draw.


Unfortunately, if your opponent goes first and uses all the above techniques, there's no way that you can win. In fact, the only way you can win is if his/her first move is an edge piece. If so, carry out all the steps shown above.

So what can you do to at least bring the match to a draw, given that your opponent plays a good strategy?

Remember what we said before – Your opponent will either choose a corner or the center piece.

1) Center

If he chooses the center, place your O on the corner immediately, which will buy you some time. According to the best strategy, your opponent will place his next X on the opposite corner to yours. Your next piece should not be bordering your previous move. Then, it's the simple matter of continuously blocking and counter-attacking until a tie is reached.

Even if they don't use this strategy, keep blocking until you reach a tie.

2) Corner

If they mark a corner, mark the center, or you will almost certainly lose against a good opponent. Then remember that there is one outcome in which a tie is possible from above.

Your opponent has two choices, to either form a diagonal or place their next piece somewhere else. Assuming that their move forms a diagonal, as the strategy would dictate, stay on the edges and off the corners. You can force a tie this way.

Else, as usual, keep blocking until a tie is reached.

Of course, this is the logic of Tic-Tac-Toe, but there are certain useful tips that can help you when playing with a good player.

  • Don't be a reactionary, impulsive player. Unless there's a time limit, take as much time as you want, thinking the move through. Don't react immediately to what your opponent is doing; Sometimes the most obvious move might not be the right one.
  • Make safe moves. Every move of yours should be dictated by strategy – In the middle of the game, the best way to make a move is to think a few moves ahead, and what your opponent might do. First consider whether a certain move can win you the game, or block the opponent from winning. If not, then make sure to always think strategy. The best way to win is to figure out how to create two ways to win at once.
  • Read this answer. Trust me – It helps.

And armed with strategy, advice, and confidence, you can beat anyone!

[1] How to Win at Tic Tac Toe ( Pictures, material )

Is there a way to never lose at Tic-Tac-Toe?

By Mohammed Hakkim

What are the best tricks to keep yourself motivated?

Answer by Edmond Lau:

In 2009, Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson made a surprising discovery in the science of motivation. She conducted a series of studies where she asked participants to solve a set of puzzles and problems. In one group — the “be-good” group — participants were told that their score reflected their “conceptual and analytical abilities.” They should try to solve as many problems as possible and aim for a high score to demonstrate how good they were. In another group — the “get-better” group — participants were told that each problem was a “training tool” and that they ought to “take advantage of this valuable learning opportunity” to improve their problem-solving skills. [1]

For some participants in each group, Halvorson also increased the difficulty level by introducing a few challenges. She interrupted participants to use up some of their allotted time. She threw in extra, unsolvable problems to frustrate them, without telling participants that the problems were unsolvable.

What surprised Halvorson was how the two groups dealt with the challenges. The ones in the “get-better” group remained unfazed and solved as many as problems in the challenging conditions as the easy ones. They stayed motivated and kept trying to learn. The ones in the “be-good” group, however, were so demoralized when they faced the challenges and obstacles that they solved substantially fewer problems than those who didn’t have to face them.

And those differences happened just because of how the initial goal was framed.

Define Mastery Goals, Not Performance Ones, For Difficult Problems

Halvorson’s experiments illustrate the difference between a mastery goal, where you aim to learn and get better at some skill, and a performance goal, where you aim to be good, either to demonstrate you’re talented or to outperform other people.

Your objective for a given problem can often be framed in either way:

  • Are you studying for tests to learn and to grow or to demonstrate your intelligence?
  • Are you spending years on a PhD to innovate in your research area or to because you think it’ll be a good stepping stone for your career?
  • Are you training for a 10K race to improve your own time or to beat the competition?
  • Are you working on side projects and brushing up your coding skills to become a better software engineer or to simply get a better-paying job?

The actions you perform to accomplish a mastery goal or a performance goal might be the same, but your motivation and your mindset will be quite different. When you’re focused on improving your own skills, rather than on demonstrating them, you’re less likely to get discouraged by obstacles, time pressure, or other unexpected challenges. You’ll believe that you can still improve and do better next time. You’ll have a growth mindset.

That’s not to say performance goals don’t have their place. Professor Dan Ariely conducted a series of experiments at MIT, the University of Chicago, and in rural Madurai, India. Subjects were asked to participate in a number of games and offered either a small, moderate, or large financial incentive for performing well on each particular game — a clear example of performance goals in action. For memory games, creativity games, or motor skill games, those offered a large financial incentive actually performed worse than those offered smaller ones. The only task where participants actually performed better when offered a large financial incentive was when they were performing the mechanical task of alternating keypresses on a keyboard as quickly as possible. [2]

Daniel Pink reinforces this idea in his book Drive, explaining that when there is a clear goal and when the problem can be solved by brute force, performance-based goals — especially those incentivized by a reward — work extremely well. It’s when the problems require some ingenuity or some mental effort, that performance-based goals and rewards start to backfire and reduce performance. [3]

Making This Research Useful

Set the right type of goal for the task at hand to get better results.

You’re better off setting a performance goal when you can brute force through the problem, particularly if there’s a reward at stake. For example, performance goals work well if you’re:

  • Triaging through a long bug or feature list.
  • Responding to a long backlog of personal emails or customer support emails.
  • Finishing a laundry list of chores around the apartment.
  • Mechanically grinding through any number of mindless tasks.

It can be helpful for each of these short-term tasks, where there isn’t much opportunity to master a new skill, to instead tie a reward to the completion of the task. Make an if-then rule: If you get everything done, then you’ll treat yourself (or your team) to something nice. The performance incentive can help you get things done faster.

But for our long-term goals, we’ll stay much more motivated in the long run if we adopt a mindset where we’re aiming to master our skills rather than to hit a performance goal. For example,

  • Rather than focusing on getting promoted to a staff engineering position at your company, focus on improving your engineering skills and your ability to create meaningful impact.
  • Rather than training to win at some sport — whether it’s running, a tennis match, ultimate frisbee, etc. — train to become a better player or athlete.
  • Rather than joining at a startup to get rich, join because you're passionate about the problem space and excited to learn from the journey.

You’ll notice that long-term goals framed in terms of performance tend to rely on external factors outside of your control (whether your manager promotes you, whether you’re better than your opponent, or whether your startup succeeds). When you let environmental circumstances play such a large role in your success, it’s much harder to stay motivated when you encounter obstacles, just like the puzzle-solving participants in Halvorson’s experiments. If you instead focus on your own learning and on getting better, you’re much more likely to overcome pain points and actually succeed.

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Photo credit: Libby Levi, What's your motivation?


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